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spear training rp log
Necro || Zitang | Silus - Last Friday at 9:42 AM
zitang is lounging in a tree eating a banana(edited)
Ben || Ash - Last Friday at 9:47 AM
be low sound of magic being cast can be hard. "wind arrow!" both the caster and this plant like spider eye glow as the little plant girl caster fire at a rock. lilly was train after her lost to in the games in the first round.
Necro || Zitang | Silus - Last Friday at 9:51 AM
zitang quietly climbs down the tree and hangs up side down from a branch by his tail, he watches her for a second then asks abruptly "hey what ya doing"
Ben || Ash - Last Friday at 9:54 AM
the girl jump a but as she spider jump in the way of him and her. "it ok i don't think he what to hurt us." the girl said. "hi there mister. i'm lilly ryuuta." she said. "i was just train. so i can be stronger."
Necro || Zitang | Silus - Last Friday at 9:58 AM
"ooo that's a big spider" he look at it very interested he then looks back up to lilly and smiles "oh i'm zitang by the way" he holds ou
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lilly new weapon. by benwolf0 lilly new weapon. :iconbenwolf0:benwolf0 0 0
rp log ( miniplot roleplay)
Ben || Ash - Yesterday at 11:30 PM
The sound of a fight can be hear in a close by feld. in the clearing a little Vidor was fighting what look like a rock monster. it throw back it an arm punching at the small vidor girl.
Dawn || Aristride - Yesterday at 11:37 PM
Having been flying through the air on a more casual way, the rainbow feathered Regalia had been enjoying the rays of sunlight that stroke down upon him. The gentle heat he always loved caused him to spread his arms that little bit of joy.
But then, he heard the sound of metal against rock, the sounds of someone training? Or maybe a battle against a creature he had yet to encounter. Either way, he decided to fly into its direction, who knew if they may need any help.
Velvet || Levi - Yesterday at 11:42 PM
The Blue haired woman was walking along the road until she heard something that seems to be..Rocks? It was slightly unquestionably until she decided to go to the field area to check up “what is that sound..a fight?
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rumber at sea
Airi Ryuuta having just join the Tiamat’s Rangers and was was flying around on Aqua back. She look at the water below them with a smile. "well good friend look like where both more then hunter's now." airi said to her mount aqua. airi could feel the he was happy "hmm i feel like i know you a lot better now aqua." She said.
The two where cut short form there flying by the smell of blood "aqua down to the water" She said. The two dive out of the sky and into the sea. Following the blood the two come up to a group of pirates. They look smell, but that look to be hunting a pack of sea beasts. Airi nods to aqua as the two swim fast to the pirate ship. Airi swim off aqua disappear as she used her power. Aqua on the other hand draw in some water and jump out of the water scared the pirates. Aqua shot the water he draw in at the deck of the ship to little eff to the ship.
"Blasted monster what do you think a little water well do." call out one of the male pirates. At the point airi swim
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Lighting Rode summon by benwolf0 Lighting Rode summon :iconbenwolf0:benwolf0 2 0 Grow Up Lilly by benwolf0 Grow Up Lilly :iconbenwolf0:benwolf0 3 0 ash Partial Beast Form by benwolf0 ash Partial Beast Form :iconbenwolf0:benwolf0 5 0 Crack Baby: airi and krunk by benwolf0 Crack Baby: airi and krunk :iconbenwolf0:benwolf0 2 0
ash lone star vs Aoran Kuromura dual rp log
Ben || Ash - Today at 9:30 AM
as night fall on the Gagnradr Coliseum the gate the ring look to be open. head in as the note on the gate said you cane feel eyes on you. fast form the stands jump a female. ash land with her bare feet in her guild uniform. "thank for coming, i was hoping we could get to spar." ash said
Kenshi || Aoran | Cole - Today at 9:33 AM
aoran followed her with his arms folded. "i never refuse a challenge. Its all a learning experience for me. also will allow me to know who im working with now" he unfolded them and placed a hand on his hip. "don't hold back. i expect you to give me a fight"
Ben || Ash - Today at 9:35 AM
ash hair stand up a bit as her hand and feet change into claws and grow fur. "oh i did not plan on it." she said dash in fast with a mirage arte and fo
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rp log new luner jazz
Ben || Ash - 07/17/2017 luner was waiting with a file in his hand. he plan a meet up with what some call a mad doctor. "how where can the man be?" luner asked him self.
Ivan || Mako - 07/17/2017 (i almost spit out my drink when i saw that mad doctor xD) (i like where this is going) The man with hair featuring both colors of orange and black is walking casually along the roads of gnomos. He was supposed to meet with a "certain someone" that seems to have his hands on different datum. "An information broker huh. This getting more interesting, well, let's see what happens next." The researcher soon reached a somewhat middle-class restaurant, and sat himself down on a chair. "I'll just wait here." he mumbled to himself in a tone with half enthusiasm. Ben || Ash - 07/17/2017 the male dyr luner spot the man and smiles. luner walk over to the man "great mister Rivers" luner said. "my i have a seat?" he asked
Ivan || Mako - 07/17/2017 "Oh, I assume you're Luner Star then. Yes please do. I've o
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quest log ash story quest 8/24
Ben || Ash - Today at 5:43 PM
the group was head out on a quest. a kind old man inform the group that there grand kid has not come back form the mounts where he was playing. ash was taking the lead on this one, "hmm guy i think where close to the last know place of the kid." ash said. "there should be some cave around here, that likey a good place to start.
Axis || Eir - Today at 5:45 PM
cover in a poncho Ryde was behind ash as he was told to follow her by Roy , it seem like he seen better since he had been back in his home town but without the armour he seemed to blend in to the world around him, a change Roy was following behind as he smoke his ciggertes , he was just there in case that things got bad as he sung a song
Krunk - Today at 5:51 PM
Krunk looked at the one in the lead, "Old m
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rp log dragoon
Axis - Yesterday at 8:46 AM
well currently training is something Roy is keeping close to him and Ryde and Elly
but myabe this could be something
Roy walked in from his long jounry home back to his little farm , he had pulled the body of the dragon he had slayen on a slead he made up as he pulled it into the farm , the bottle where on the frount " Hay Hay Any one home !" he shouted out as Elly came out to meet him
"so you got us more meat " Elly asked as she smiled , she had arrived from her work as she dressed in her dress as she took some of the bottles and took them in to Ryde. he needed them
benwolf0 - Yesterday at 8:56 AM
ash was riding by the farm when she spy roy and the kill. "wow what roy of to?" ash said her made a clicking sound and try to move to spy on him with her demon spider web.
Axis - Yesterday at 8:57 AM
Roy had started to skin the dragon as he removed it arms with his big sword " row row row your boat~ " he sang as he started to skin the scales
benwolf0 - Yesterday a
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a heart to heart rp log
Ben || Ash - Today at 7:02 AM
out in the woods of salamandra ash was setting up wooden dummy's web look on just watching. she call out her water summon bone reaper. "ok battle set two." said she bone reaper rap around her right arm all most like it was a weapon it self.
Ivan || Mako - Today at 7:27 AM
"Another day, another chance for a new recipe! .....and of course, another duty for that crazed researcher....." a young man with green hair said as he strolls around the woods of salamandra. "'re still following me, huh, Aspicio..." quite annoyed, Mako addressed the following spirit. Just in a short while, he heard someone traning nearby. Mako got curious and looked around, ending up to find Ash doing some mock battles. The young man sprinted towards the ninja and called her attention, "ASH! Wazzup!? Goin' for some training I see?"
Ben || Ash - Today at 7:35 AM
ash slash into the wood with a water blade." oh hi mako ya...oh it cute who your friend." ash asked
Ivan || Mako - Today a
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Airi Mount by benwolf0 Airi Mount :iconbenwolf0:benwolf0 0 0 Alice star dnpc by benwolf0 Alice star dnpc :iconbenwolf0:benwolf0 4 0 Lilly App Post by benwolf0 Lilly App Post :iconbenwolf0:benwolf0 2 2


Female Body Guide For YCH's by Typhoon-Manga Female Body Guide For YCH's :icontyphoon-manga:Typhoon-Manga 15 5 Commission - Drgonstar by Pandamander Commission - Drgonstar :iconpandamander:Pandamander 11 4
Blind Date
Blind Date
Ben Wolf was waiting at a hill on a hill he was nervous why course he let Cally better known as Lust set him up on a blind date when he spotted someone coming he moved to see who and spotted someone he knew, Cally’s Uncle GameMaster or GM and he looked to be preying but if he was coming up here did that mean.
“If Cally set us up then one of us well” He didn’t finishes as he started to feel he body heat up as his hair grew out, body shrunk in height as body weight moved moved eith up or down giving him some nice curves and breast as he felt a pull making his voice rise as he now she looked on as his blue jeans shrunk in on them turning into shorts as his gold shirt became close fitting along with her once male underwear break apart and become a bra and panties.
Looking herself over she sighed “why Cally just why?” she asked not planning for a answer as she knew this was just how Cally was as she spotted GM looking at her smiling as he ran o
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Little Reena Wants Up by scarlet-nekomata Little Reena Wants Up :iconscarlet-nekomata:scarlet-nekomata 61 88 [RE SKITFACE] Amber by akiVinz [RE SKITFACE] Amber :iconakivinz:akiVinz 2 3 [RE SKITFACE] Amber (Portrait) by akiVinz [RE SKITFACE] Amber (Portrait) :iconakivinz:akiVinz 1 0
TG RP: Restaurant (ALWAYS OPEN)
Hi, people. Just before I type this, I just wanna update my watchers on a few things. The last requests I took will be finished on Sunday and no more are being done after that. Sorry about the delay. Secondly, if this Isn't your style, look at this RP instead, It's still open:
OK, so here's the premise for this RP. There are 3 different routes we can go down. The basic idea is one of us gets the other to come to a restaurant with them, saying they wanna catch up on things or some other excuse. When we get in, you or me have a plan. There are 3 choices. Either:
A - I order you a certain drink and TG you, and get you to be my girlfriend
B - The other way round, where you TG me and get me to go out with you
C - Or, we're both completely innocent, but the drinks we order turn us both into girls and we end up best friends.
These are things I've been asked about in past RP's in a list below, and am O
:iconomegabeamofficialnew:OmegaBeamOfficialNEW 6 2,169
Group Shot by LordTHawkeye Group Shot :iconlordthawkeye:LordTHawkeye 37 45 TG Caption - Beware with your grandmother's stuff by TGcompilation TG Caption - Beware with your grandmother's stuff :icontgcompilation:TGcompilation 300 30 FutaKnightCh2.(tg) by RedCrono-JM FutaKnightCh2.(tg) :iconredcrono-jm:RedCrono-JM 11 9 Gwen 3 by ShinPersonaMaster Gwen 3 :iconshinpersonamaster:ShinPersonaMaster 1 2 Gwen 2 by ShinPersonaMaster Gwen 2 :iconshinpersonamaster:ShinPersonaMaster 4 3 Gwen 1 by ShinPersonaMaster Gwen 1 :iconshinpersonamaster:ShinPersonaMaster 2 3
CP Bank
Mae Go'vannen!
This is the Crystal Point Bank for all the characters in this group. Here we will record your leveling process so you don't have to! However, keeping track of all the members is tough, so if we missed anything, send us a note and we'll try our best to fix the issue.
CP Bank
☄ Hennorphen Tribe ~
☼ Hayden Rowtag - BlvckCvndy - Level 1 - 16 CPs
☼ Osturra - benwolf0 -Level 1 - 2 CPs
☄ Nemirpehn Tribe ~
☼ Nemirel Annen - Kai-Haruru - Level 1 - 0 CPs
☄ Laeg Tribe ~
☼ Enaela Mewasúl - DragonxHybrid - Level 1 - 0 CPs
☄ Nórui Tribe ~
☼ Camdwen - BlvckCvndy - Level 1 - 0 CPs
☄ Baug Tribe ~
☼ Creon Tamesis - Superdemon-Inuyasha - Level 5 - 51 CPs
:icondwinraean-elves:Dwinraean-Elves 1 4
Round 2 part 8 by Lord-Corruption Round 2 part 8 :iconlord-corruption:Lord-Corruption 4 5 Round 2 part 7 by Lord-Corruption Round 2 part 7 :iconlord-corruption:Lord-Corruption 4 0



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